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BA (Bachelors of Arts) – 3 years undergraduate course. The subjects that a candidate learns in this course focus on social


BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration) – 3-year professional undergraduate course. It helps you get a basic understanding of how ..


Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is a three-year undergraduate course pursued by a high number of students across the country every year.

distance education


BLIS (Bachelor of library and information science) is a 3 years course. The world has evolved to an age where information technology and information explosion are here with us.

distance education


BCA (Bachelors of Computer Applications). This is a 3 year undergraduate course that helps you to gain a basic understanding of computer applications and software development.


BSC IT (Bachelor of Science in Information Technology). This is a three-year course that you can take after completing your upper secondary education at any


DCA is an acronym used for the Diploma in Computer Applications. This is a one-year diploma course in which students learn in detail many computer applications. DCA Distance

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M.Com (Masters of Commerce) that are specifically designed for students who wants to become a specialist in different sectors of banking and finance.

distance education online


MSC IT (Master's of Science in Information Technology). which is a higher study for applicants who wish to have advanced skills and knowledge. MSC IT is the

distance education online


Dlis (Diploma in the library and information science) is a one-year course. The best thing about this degree is that you will get a lot of practical knowledge which will help

distance education


Masters in computer application is a field of promise which is also referred to as MCA. In the MCA course, an individual will learn the science of information


Higher education is everyone’s right and the MBA distance learning in Chandigarh allows you to pursue an MBA at your convenience. The career prospects after earning


MA (Masters of Art) – which is an integrated program for two years. The course includes all kinds of human objects such as literature, languages such as Hindi, English, political…


Higher education is everyone’s right, but for personal and professional reasons, students have to drop out even if they really want to continue their education.


Everyone is right to finish their studies, but sometimes there are some circumstances that we have to leave the studies in between, but now with the help of PGDCA Distance

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